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Without the Family, We Would Not Exist

One of the two main reasons the Institute for Faith and Family exists is to help educate a society’s citizens and its cultural influencers on the importance of protecting the institution and rights of the family.

Healthy families mean a healthy society. Healthy families benefits society by providing future citizens (and thus taxpayers!), by producing more virtuous citizens, by contributing to higher levels of economic growth and mobility, by expanding the future labor market, by decreasing the need of welfare services, by decreasing violent crime, and by decreasing the overall burden unhealthy children and citizens are to a government.

The second step of any healthy and free society, is to protect the liberty and authority of families. You and I would be here if it were not for families bringing us into the world, and supporting us into adulthood. At IFFNC, we help produce a family-friendly culture by educating the media, the courts, the politicians, and the people about the value of healthy families.

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… if we descend still lower and go down to families, it is true even there that the village is composed of families and not that the families are cut from the village. The family was there first, and only then could the village take shape. Finally, if the village vanished there would still be families; but if the households were to disband the village too would come to an end.


We need to educate our society on the importance of protecting and celebrating the institution of the family. When the family flourishes, so does society. Can you support our pro-family educational work?